Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New Gluten Free Products

It seems to me all of a sudden more and more gluten free options are popping up all over the city. The first and most significant being a gluten free Girl Scout cookies! You heard me right. Gluten free Girl Scout cookies. Unfortunately they are not gluten free Thin Mints, and unfortunately they are not being sold in the St. Louis area. I do, however, have friends and family all over the country on alert for them. I will find them somewhere so I can try them and let you all know how they are. (For the record they are a chocolate chip cookie.) Beware Girl Scouts, I am coming for your gluten free cookies!

In the last few weeks I have also found two separate cafe/bakery/restaurants that are offering gluten free pastries. Sadly I have not been able to try them both yet, as I am still recovering from the ERCP. For those of you in the area here are the details:

The one I have not tried is a cafe/bakery place is called Piccone Pastry. They serve authentic Italian pastries like gluten free cannolis, or gluten free tiramisu. I mean really! Who can say no to that? Piccone Pastry is located on The Loop, so we now have a place that we can do some shopping and then take a break with a cannoli and an espresso just like "normal" people!

The place I have been fortunate to try is Crepes Etc.. They actually sent me an email letting me know about their new gluten free options, so I was anxious to try it! For locals it is located in Forest Park next to the Crown Plaza Hotel on Kingshighway. I ordered the Strawberry Crepe. It was two crepes filled with fresh strawberries, fresh made whipped cream and sprinkled with powdered sugar. It was absolutely delicious! The crepes on their own were awesome! I went with a friend who is not gluten free, and she ordered a "normal" crepe. She said if she didn't know she was eating gluten free she'd never have noticed. She said she could tell a texture difference, but again it was still good. My friend wasn't as thrilled with her Braised Beef crepe and the coffee was too strong for my tastes, but the Strawberry Crepe alone is enough for me to be a repeat customer! And best of all, I didn't get sick! For more information click the link above.

I am always on the lookout for more gluten free options in the city, so if you find one please pass it on! For now here is another place I have found and tried successfully:

Landry's Seafood (located at Union Station)- Limited GF menu, but I ate there without any cross contamination, staff was also very helpful.

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